b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_is_not_virtualization_400.jpgDo you know the difference between virtualization and cloud computing? If you don’t, it’s not a reason to be embarrassed. Most business owners have a hard time distinguishing the two and find the topic to be rather technical. Yet, we think businesses can benefit greatly from knowing the differences so they’ll end up with the right solution.

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Friday, 08 August 2014 07:06

4 Benefits of Virtualizing Your Desktop

Desktop virtualization isn't necessarily a new subject, but it is something that has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and it's easy to understand why. Instead of keeping your desktop in physical form on your computer, it's becoming more reliable to just keep it safe and secure on a hosted server. This takes care of most physical problems that computers often deal with, such as a sudden crash or old age.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 07:12

The Joys of Server Migration

There are times when a specific task is asked of a server requiring all of its data to be moved. When this happens, all the files and applications are transferred to another server unit in a fascinating procedure called server migration.

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When shopping for your personal computer, you will gladly pay the extra money to buy the best machine possible. However, when buying piles of workstations for your business, paying extra for the best equipment adds up quickly. Utilizing Desktop Virtualization for your business is a great way to get away with buying inexpensive computer hardware and that allows you to save money.

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April 22, is Earth Day. What is your office doing to help save the planet? We talk a lot about business continuity, but none of that matters without Earth continuity. Here are three office technologies that will help your business go green.

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Your electricity bill is the worst. This is because you know that it could be smaller if you only made a few adjustments to how you run the office. Little tricks like turning your lights off will save you money, but to really make a dramatic cut to your bill, you can virtualize your servers.

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Most companies will look at ways to save by spending less on products and services, like downgrading to store brand cola when budgeting. These cuts are never popular and have been known to insight office mutinies, "Dr. Thunder, are you kidding me?" Before you deprive employees of premium products, first take a look inside your server, it may be full of savings!

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Server Virtualization sounds like a phrase from late 1990's science fiction, but it plays a big role for small and medium-sized businesses that want to cut down on the costs of housing and maintaining multiple servers at their location. What is it and how does it work?

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Monday, 04 June 2012 08:34

What is Desktop Virtualization?

Desktop virtualization is a method in which one machine can run more than one Operating System at the same time regardless of architecture requirements. There are two models of Desktop Virtualization that will be discussed here: Local Virtualization and the Client/Server Virtualization Model.

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Server Virtualization has been around for a while but has quickly become more popular for small businesses due to the long-term costs saved when your servers are virtualized. What exactly is server virtualization and how can it benefit California Area businesses?

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