Monday, 12 November 2012 05:53

A Lap is No Place for a Laptop

Laptops are like the Grape-Nuts cereal of computers. Just as a Grape-Nut is neither a grape nor a nut, so it is with laptops, they are not designed to operate sitting on top of a lap! Of course, using a laptop on your lap is not going to immediately ruin your computer, but habitual lap usage can shorten the life of your machine.

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Monday, 13 August 2012 07:37

Twitter Twits: 10 Epic Fails

While it may seem difficult to imagine embarrassing oneself in the space of a 140 character message, Twitter has been responsible for the downfall of companies, politicians and entire institutions. No one can deny that Twitter has been a boon for communication, politics and economics, but some people seem determined to prove that one cannot have Twitter without the word "twit." Here are a number of prominent examples from the recent past which demonstrate how Twitter's logo can swiftly become the bluebird of unhappiness for some.

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Take a look, a good hard look, at your employees. They are working diligently, right? You've staffed the company with some quality A-players and everyone has taken responsibility for their work. You see good communication, organization, and dare we say motivation emanating from each member of your well-armed team. Or maybe you don't and the company is working on improving that - we understand. We also understand that while an employee might be a rockstar at their job, they could still pose a risk to IT.

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