Every business owner knows what’s expected of them when it comes time to onboard a new hire. When the training videos are all watched and the new employee is lined up to kick butt and take names, is that when your job as overseer ends, or is there more that you can do to get more productivity out of your staff?

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Microsoft’s latest Office application, MS Sway, is looking to make some big changes to the way professionals display presentations. Designed as a cross-platform content aggregation tool, Sway is capable of creating and sharing dynamic web-based presentations that are just bold enough to catch the eye. How is Microsoft Sway looking to change the way businesses present information?

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Friday, 25 January 2013 11:04

Tip: Improve Your Writing with Squigglies

Unless you are an English major, writing a well thought-out message without any spelling or grammatical errors can be a challenging task. There is not yet a technology that will transform a couple of bullet points into a detailed thesis paper, but Microsoft Word does include helpful tools that will improve the spelling and grammar for any aspiring writer.

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 09:46

We Moved!

Our address has changed but our phone number and commitment to you remains the same!


Please make a note in your records of the new address:


NetOps Corporation

7120 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Suite 212

Van Nuys, CA 91406

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