What is the one thing companies forget to do on a daily basis? Back up, back up, back up. Then something happens, a glitch in your network or server and there go all your files. Your business continuity is interrupted and you have lost value productivity. On top of that all, now you have to wait for the computer repair technician to show up.  By instituting checks and balances for your data protection, your computer systems will be securely backed up no matter what disturbance takes them offline.

Just like contractors install rebar to make buildings seismically sounder, NetOps' data protection monitors, repairs and backs up your computer systems making them sounder and more resilient. Our goal for data protection is to detect and fix any type of disturbance in your workstations, networks or servers before it affects your business continuity. At NetOps, we integrate your business needs with leading edge technology solutions, project management and managed IT solutions into one complete, cohesive package.  

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Secure Enterprise-Class Business Continuity Whitout The Enterprise Price.

To provide clients with a no-glitch service experience, NetOps Corporation offers a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution (BUDR) for Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers.
This competitively priced NAS-based solution provides small to medium-sized businesses with near real-time data protection. Data is derived directly from the hard drive, eliminating problems with open files. Your business continuity is further protected with
off-site data storage, multi-year archiving, fast server virtualization capabilities, file and folder level restorations, Exchange message and mailbox recovery and bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware. And, if necessary NetOps NAS device can be configured to function as a virtual server within hours, replacing management intensive, error-prone tape backups.
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"NetOps has taken care of our hardware and software systems for more than 10 years. We chose NetOps because we needed a service that would respond to problems quickly, as we literally cease to operate when our computers are down or operating in an undependable manner. We also required a company that could update our processing technology on a regular basis. NetOps has been ...dependable in meeting both of these requirements. It has always displayed an ability to keep far ahead of the latest computer software and hardware solutions while maintaining a very competitive and flexible cost structure. I would strongly urge anyone who depends on their computer systems on a daily basis to consider utilizing the many talents of NetOps."

  • Ronald H. Lynn
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Shindler & Lynn, CPA
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