Make sure it is stopped with our antivirus services.  Computer viruses—sneaky invaders that worm their way into your computer systems and dismantle them—are constantly being developed. There are few solid statistics on how often viruses affect computers. However, we do know that their cohorts in crime—spyware—infect 8 out of 10 PC’s and are responsible for at least half of all PC crashes.

Computer viruses and computer spyware are successfully transmitted, because they are difficult for the average computer user to detect without the proper antivirus services. They come into your computer when you download documents, music files, pictures, e-mail, or even access some websites. Antivirus services and anti-spyware software programs must be continuously updated, just to keep up with the creation of this malware.

It is a time intensive task. How can you make your firm’s computer systems virus and spyware resistant without sacrificing your valuable time? By hiring a qualified IT company with antivirus services that monitor your systems 24/7 finding viruses and spyware before they do harm.


If you have more than a few computers in your company, you know the time spent on installing new software. Every time you turn around there is a new update for your antivirus services and anti-spyware programs. Who has the time to keep up with all this? We do. NetOps Corporation’s trained computer engineers oversee your entire computer system, including making sure that your workstations, networks and servers are virus and spyware free.

And because we understand the magnitude of this problem, we include our antivirus services and anti-spyware feature in our INSIGHT Managed IT Solution. With our one package solution, we’ll monitor your software, make sure your hardware is running at optimum speed, keep track of your storage space, and make certain your network connections are intact.  We do it all and we do it right.

“NetOps Corporation has had a major positive impact on my business. …We are a small company and work from remote offices using Blackberries and other PDA devices such as iPhones. It is critical that we have a consistent and reliable IT support team that is available 24/7. As a result of your support we are more productive, experience less stress and worry, and are confident that we can move forward full steam without concern that our IT system is unreliable. As an added bonus, our overall monthly expense for IT support has been reduced."

  • Neal F. Harris
  • President & CEO
  • Scentevents and Harris Fragrances, LLC
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