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Did you know that only 53% of U.S. companies are satisfied with their IT support services help desk? That means that 47%—almost half—are not. Who do you call in the wee hours of the morning or evening when your network security, spam protection or virus protection are on the fritz? Who answers your questions about software and hardware functions in your workstations, servers and networks?

The first number you likely search for is the IT support services help desk of whichever company services your computer systems. If you are lucky, you find a technician who knows how to solve your problem. Why take a chance? Contract with a company dedicated to IT support services and save yourself time, money and aggravation.


We hope it is NetOps Corporation. Our IT support services make it a point to detect and correct any errors in our clients’ computer systems before they become business disasters. However, should anything unusual occur or should you have any questions about how your systems are functioning, our staff of certified computer engineers is at the ready. Our IT support services help desk technicians, available 24 hour/seven day a week, will diagnose your software and hardware problems, and walk you through even the most frustrating technological challenges. Whether you require IT support services with individual workstations, network software, hardware, e-mail programs, or network infrastructure (servers, switches, backup systems and firewalls), we are your computer crisis hotline.

"NetOps has been monitoring our computer systems since our inception, and serviced my partner's system for many years prior. Their knowledge and promptness is very reassuring, and I know that we are in good hands. I would highly recommend this company."

  • Ben A. Shindler
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Shindler & Lynn, CPA

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